NIME 2024: coaching session with Sounds Like Touch

Sounds Like Touch is offering coaching sessions for performers in the NIME music tracks. This can help you to get some valuable feedback to improve your performance at the NIME conference.

Two formats are offered:

  • Online: in this format there will be a feedback session on Zoom together with up to two other acts, where you will get feedback both from invited professionals and the other performers based on the video that you have submitted. The videos will be watched beforehand.
  • Physical: in the days before the conference (on September 2nd or 3rd) you will meet in a rehearsal studio and play your performance (or a portion) and get feedback on that. This will also be done in a small group together with up to two other acts.
In the form linked below you can enter up to 1000 words to describe the work-in-progress, describe your motivation to join the conference, and upload up to three pictures, a thumbnail (see requirements below) and provide a link to audio-visual material (max 3 minutes; if the material is longer, we may not watch or listen to the full length).

For each format we offer (max) 3 sessions with (max) 3 performance acts. So in total there are 9 slots online and 9 slots physical. Given space, you may join both an online and physical session.

You can sign up through this form until July 15th.

Important Dates

All deadlines are 23:59 Anywhere on Earth Time Zone (UTC - 12)

The deadlines for submission of papers, music, installations and workshops have passed.
Student Consortium 2nd call submission deadline
June 30th, 2024
Student Consortium 2nd call submission upload deadline
July 7th, 2024
Work in Progress, Jam Session and Coaching Session deadline
July 15th, 2024
Student Consortium (both calls) updated proposal deadline
August 18th, 2024
Student Consortium meetup
September 2nd, 2024
Pre-conference workshops
September 2nd and 3rd, 2024
The Conference
September 4th-6th, 2024


General co-chairs:
Paper co-chairs:
Music/installation co-chairs:
Workshop co-chairs:
Spatial co-chairs: